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0 Ashley's Recount!!

Page history last edited by Ashley Chang 9 years, 8 months ago

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On the 28th of April, the students of 5C and 5P brought their heavy luggage to the SFBS playground. Everybody was excited for the Taejon adventure! Soon, we boarded the bus and left for Taejon Beach. I sat next to Yasmeen who is my best friend. Together, we played games on my I-phone and watched Hannah Montana episodes. There was thunder crackling when we arrived at the rest stop. We bought some snacks and went to the toilet. It was a three hour trip but it sure didn’t feel that long.


The first exciting event was Orienteering. I was grouped with Barbara, Wilma, Emily and Miss Poustie. Orienteering required a lot of running and teamwork. We had to run to different locations around the campus as designated on the map. The team that finishes first wins and my team won! My team members being the natural runners made us the fastest team! Our prize was a Foot by the Foot for each member. So we all enjoyed chewing on the juicy Foot by the Foot as we prepared for the next adventure.


Orienteering was just the beginning. The next event was Scavenger Hunt where we had to buy items and take pictures with the residents of Taejon. No one spoke Korean in my group so I had to do the translation. We had some problem with the oyster lady (she refused to give us her oyster AND she didn’t understand why we need the oyster) but managed to convince her later to sell two oysters for 1,000 won! After being exhausted looking for the Police Station, our group cheated and took the cab.


Competition grew fiercer among the students when we got to play the Obstacle Course. It was all the running, climbing and sliding one can imagine. The game was 5C versus 5P and 5C won by 30 seconds. That is a big record! I think our class won because we motivated and helped each other. It didn’t matter if we win or not. We all just wanted to have fun and do our best. We did exactly that and we won. At the end, I got an honourable bruise on my leg for dedicating all my effort to the game.


Campfire wrapped up our trip as the students all gathered around the cracking fire sitting shoulder to shoulder. Everybody had a chance to melt the marshmallows and make themselves delicious s’mores! Teachers read scary stories trying to scare us but they failed! No one wet their pants and no one went to bed crying. I didn’t get any nightmares but my friend did… Jules woke up screaming in the middle of the night. That was the time when I got scared. Fear can be contagious. Jules’ screaming brought fear upon me and I also did not sleep well that night.


The next morning, we packed our things and left for SFBS. I was sad that I had to leave. It was a very memorable place and I would like to visit there someday again~


- Ashley Chang Y5C 2010

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