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Taejon By Kimber

Page history last edited by Michael Kimber 10 years, 3 months ago


On Wednesday morning, April 28th 2010 I woke to the smell of a good, warm breakfast on a freezing cold day!  I quickly got into some holiday clothes and then ran downstairs. After breakfast I excitedly jumped into the car. I could not wait to get to school.


After a boring ride (this city has too much traffic!) I ran up to the British School playground and I put down my bags. Mr.Corben asked us to go to Ms.Poustie's room for a quick discussion. After that I got on a three and a half hour bus  ride to Taejon - which was pretty boring. When we arrived at Taejon we carried our bags to the deck outside of the rooms. We then walked into the dining area and we were assigned our bunks. I was in bunk 8 and I shared with Fuad, Liam, Sam and Blake.

We then went back outside for a wet and rainy tour around the campus. I liked the beach and the smell of the ocean. Strong winds had make the ocean rough and I could see the waves crashing down which I love. After that we were given a snack. After snack we had free time and a beach walk. Later we had bunk inspection and our group got ten points because the room was neat and tidy.


The first night plans had to be changed because the wind was too strong. We could not make a bonfire as planned. Instead we had a disco and a quiz. I thought the disco was fantastic and the quiz was challenging but fun.


The next day there was a beach walk which I decided to skip. I went and hung out  with some of my friends. i played a bit of AFL with Jacques and Blake and Fuad. There was also a rope swing which was really fun to swing on. Mr Corben even tried it out. Later we did some orienteering. We had to go around and find some markers which were hidden around the campus. Then it was time for a quick lunch. I had a tuna sandwich.


Later in the day we went on a scavenger hunt. I thought this was tricky. We had to find 50 items that were listed on a sheet. These included a Korean flag and a whole load of other stuff that I can't even remember. The whole hunt took over an hour. Not your average backyard treasure hunt! No, this one included taxi rides, a walk and a trip to the stores!


That night we were all tired but we took some out to enjoy dinner, a night walk, a camp fire and a slide show.


The next day we had to pack up to go back to school. This time I managed to pack my sleeping bag away without Paola's help! We also heard who the winning dorm was - well done dorm 12. Our dorm came second which is excellent for a group of boys.


I really enjoyed my trip to Taejon and I can't wait to go again. I learnt a lot about teamwork through all the games that we played in groups and I the most fun helping Mr Neary and Mr Yagiz to build a bonfire.


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