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1 A Amazing, descriptive and Awesome Taejon recount by Taiga

Page history last edited by Taiga Hanafusa 9 years, 11 months ago

Taejon recount


In the morning I arrived at school with my huge bag. Everybody in Y5 showed up with huge

 bags just like mine. Everybody laid down their bags on the playground and soon we were on our way to Taejon.


The bus ride was long but fun. I was sitting at the back of the bus with my friends. 

 I played on my itouch and I borrowed my friend’s DS to play Mario kart. 

 About halfway the bus arrived at the service station. It was big and had good facilities.


Soon we arrived at Taejon. Mr.Corben took Y5 to the dining room and made some announcements.

Then he told us what dorm we were in. We unpacked our bags and we walked back to the dining room to take a tour of the place.


We did lots of fun stuff and I think going to the beach and collecting crabs was fun.

One crab pinched me really hard that it was bleeding. I really liked doing it be caused I like sea creatures and collecting crabs.


The free time was fun too.

I spent my free time playing soccer, AFL, swinging on a swing that was hanging down a tree or hanging out in my dorm.


But the most fun was the camp fire.

 The scary stories and jokes made it better because it was very entertaining and funny. The marshmallows were awesome too. I wasn’t really good at burning the marshmallow but the ones that went perfect were very delicious.


After we came back to school everybody kept on asking questions about the trip. But I was able to not get too annoyed.

It was awesome having fun with my teachers and friends and I’m looking forward for next year.

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