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1 a recount by Omar

Page history last edited by Omar Toubassy 9 years, 11 months ago




On the 14th of April a show called "Pirates From Grammar Island" was performed. It was my first performance in SFS, though my best in my life. I was "Shmitty" one of the 3 main characters. I think everyone did well in the play, "Downing" (played by Matthew Chung)  and "Captain Comma" (played buy Jacques Meldrum) where the other 2 main characters. 


At the end of the play we were supposed to come out of the front entrance, and return from the back entrance, but the door was locked! So we had to run all the way back up the stairs and walk back to the stage. The audience found that funny so we just did our regular stuff like bowing and bowing again then sat down on the bleachers. But I wish the back door wasn't locked...   


The play was educational in many ways. also to me, because Mr. Corben always says I have to work on putting capitals in the right places, not in the middle of the sentences. so while we practiced the song "You Must Capitalize" he always says "Capitalize in the right places." which made me laugh every single time. If someone told you we were only in Rob Hall practicing for only 4 days, would you believe them? well believe it or not thats the truth! Mr. Corben made it a fun experience for all of us.



After the play was done we could tell we did a spectacular job. I think the audience loved it. Mr. Corben was a great director and I hope we can do another play before Year 5 ends.


Omar Toubassy Y5C 


Comments (4)

Omar Toubassy said

at 7:43 pm on Apr 17, 2010


Matthew Chung said

at 5:34 pm on Apr 20, 2010

great job omar!
you did very well!

Omar Toubassy said

at 7:10 pm on Apr 23, 2010


Mr Corben said

at 8:27 pm on Apr 23, 2010

Yes, well done.

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