An Amazing Recount By Serene


Spring Break Recount



This is what I did in spring break and I am going to tell you the places I liked the best. I hope you enjoy reading my work.


First, I went to Yongsan to watch Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately, the 4D was sold out so we watched 3D instead. I went with my mom and Julianne. I took the train there and it took quite long. The movie is funny because the Queen of Heart’s head is so big.



Second, I went to Bukhansan. I went there with my mom and my dad. The mountain air was fresh and clean because we went there in the morning. I liked climbing the mountain, but we didn’t climb all the way up to the top! We saw mountain water and I used it to wash my hands. The mountain water was freezing when I touched it.


Third, I went to my own playground and I played there. I ran once around the apartment and I was sweating. After running, I went on the swing and swung really high. It began to get darker and darker every moment. Then we had to go home.


The last but not least, we went to Namsan. We went to the tower and right next to the tower there was steps that followed to the cable car. It was my first time there so I was really excited. I skipped joyfully to the cable car. Subsequently, we walked to the special lift. It has transparent glass that can see through to see the amazing sights of Seoul.


I really pleased even though I stayed in Seoul that I had the best Spring Break ever!