Max's recount on Shop and Chop!

Shop and Chop



In the morning we came into the classroom. I was really excited because we were going “Shop and Chopping”. Mr.C divided us into groups, and in my group I was with Ashley, Michael K, Serene, Fuad and Jasmine.



We went to a big market that smelt like fish. In front of the market there was a really big dog. We went to the market to buy some ingredients, so we can make a delicious chicken and fruit salad. We were only allowed to bring in 5000won.



We first chose which fruits we were going to pick. We used most of the money on the fruits and I’m glad because I don’t like vegetables. I still had 1000won in my wallet just in case.



Next we went to choose our vegetables, and I wasn’t too happy about that. I only like some types of vegetables such as carrots, lettuce and broccoli.



After that Mr.C thought we did a good job so he let us choose a drink. We all chose this drink, even though I didn't know what it is called.



In the end, we went back to school to make our delicious lunch. We changed groups this time, and I was with Tawan and Serene.



We chopped the fruits and sliced the cucumbers at the end.  We washed the chopping board and the chopping knife. Then we started eating, and we had ice-cream too. It is better than the cafeteria lunch.




BYE: Max Lee