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A brilliant recount by Paola

Page history last edited by Serene Lin 10 years, 6 months ago

Michael Woo's mistakes


Yesterday I had a nice fun day at school! Now let me tell you all about this nice and fun day!


First thing Mr.Corben put us in groups. I was hoping that I will be in Serene's group, but unfortunatly I was in Jacques' group. I was quite angry at Mr.Corben, at that time.


Next we all went on the bus. I was very excited. I sat next to Serene and Emily. We were playing with Emily's camera. We took pictures with it, we also changed the colour of the picture and finally we saved them. We also talked of how excited we are and what we were going to buy.


Finally we arrived at the supermarket. Now I was super duper excited. Then we all got into our groups and rushed to the supermarket. First we looked around for some fruit. Finally we found a little market near a vegtable market. "This market is cheap" I thought to myself. We bought some strawberries they looked so yummy. Did you know that strawberries is my favourite fruit? Then we bought three or four bananas they only cost 3,000 won and then we bought five oranges. They were so cheap and finally we bought some apples. From now I got a bit hungry.



Now we went to the vegtables market. First we bought letuce and purple letuce, we all knew that the green letuce and purple letuce tasted the same. Then on the same market we bought some we bought some nice clean carrots. Then we looked around for some other vegtables. After a while we found a market. We bought so much stuff. When we were done buying stuff we went to the counter. At the counter we saw that Mr. Corben's group got some Fanta Shake We all wanted some so we ran as fast as we can to the Fanta Shake place, we got the Fanta Shake and rushed to buy them. After that we dranked the fanta, we went on the bus to school.


When we arrived at school it was play time. After that we all went to cook some salads.


First we made the chicken salad.


First, Ashley and I cutted some tomatos in half. Then we cut some cucumbers and eggs, while Emily and Bora were cutting something else. Then we cooked the chicken it was so fun.


Second, we made the fruit salad.


First I cutted some bananas and oranges. Then a cuted some kiwis. While Ashley, Emily and Bora were cutting some other fruits for our fruit salad.


Third we were tiiding up and eating.


First we tided everything. Then we got ready to eat. First I ate the fruit salad. it was so yummy. Then I got some bread. After that I got ice-cream with fruit salad it was so yummy!!


After finishing eating we went all back to the classroom.


That was a very nice, beautiful and fun day! I enjoyed it. I really wish we can do

that again and I will thank Mr.Corben for the wonderful trip.

Comments (3)

Jasmine Smith said

at 9:11 am on Mar 4, 2010


Serene Lin said

at 5:43 pm on Mar 7, 2010

Just a few mistakes !~

Mr Corben said

at 10:17 pm on Mar 7, 2010

Well written - some interesting feelings

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