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A brilliant recount by Jules

Page history last edited by Jules Lee 9 years, 12 months ago

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On March 2nd our class went on a field trip called Shop and Chop. We went in groups. In my group there were Anna Rose, Taiga, Blake and Anna Roses mom.





After Mr. Corben announced the groups, we went to the toilets and then hopped on the bus to go to the market (it took 10-15minutes).




At the market, we bought ingredients for fruit salads and chicken salads. (We often shared those with other groups).




Next, we went to the supermarket next to the market. Our group bought celery, Italian sauce and huge bottles of Fanta (grape and orange).




When we were looking around, Anna Roses mom said that we should hurry to the bus or they would leave without us. After we heard that, we ran to the counter, paid for our stuff then dashed to the bus! Luckily Mr. Corbens group arrived at the same time as us!!!





Everyone hopped on the bus and headed back to school. In the bus, Ashley and I begged Mr.Corben to be in the same dorm together when we go to our residential later. To persuade him, we carried loads of food to the middle school kitchen and even carried heavy cooking equipments there.






We moved up and down six times to move bags! 

But as we were walking to our school, the bell rang so we sprinted to the classroom out of breath knowing that we would have to go back down with the class!!!





As soon as we got back up we headed down to the kitchen in new groups, I was with Anna Rose, her mom, Fuad and Royce.






When we got to the kitchen, we gathered with our group, and took out our stuff. We started chopping vegetables and fruits then grilled our chicken.



After about 35 minutes, we were done cooking. We tidied our tables, set our plates, forks, knives and spoons then enjoyed ourselves! It was absolutely delicious, especially the fruit salad with ice-cream! YUM!





The End



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Mr Corben said

at 10:13 pm on Mar 7, 2010

Good effort Jules. A few more feelings would make it better

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