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Serene's Poem

Page history last edited by Serene Lin 10 years, 5 months ago


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There are ten butterflies in the air,

There are nine sparrows nesting anywhere.

There are eight rare caterpillars by the wall.

There are seven reeds, waving tall.

There are six squirrels jumping around,

There are five leopards hunting, not a sound.

There are four galloping deers looking about,

There are three pitcher plants about to sprout.

There are two tortoises crawling around,

There is one deer wearing a gown.









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Comments (4)

Jasmine Smith said

at 7:59 pm on Feb 4, 2010

you copied my title style

Jasmine Smith said

at 8:04 pm on Feb 4, 2010

still awesome

Serene Lin parents said

at 9:44 pm on Feb 4, 2010


Serene Lin parents said

at 9:45 pm on Feb 4, 2010



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