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Week 11

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Social Studies



Religious Education







Number sequences, common multiples



Count on or back in steps of constant size



Construct number sequences



Recognise patterns in number sequences



Intro the concept of common multiples



Rehearse common multiples

and multiples of nos to 10



To name the different flower parts and explain their function



To know that plants produce flowers which have male and female organs



To draw and label a diagram of a flower



How could a carrier make the job easier?



To discuss how to carry objects in different ways (relate to carrying different things in different places round the world)



To identify the muscles or body parts used when lifting



To evaluate different carrying devices and explain their thoughts







To read information, identify key points and answer in sentences







Acting Up

Plays and scripts


Weeks 11, 12 and 13



1.Speaking: Use and explore different ways words are used, including in informal contexts


2. Listening: Identify some aspects of talk that vary between formal and informal occasions


3. Group discussion and interaction: Plan and manage a group task over time


4. Drama: Perform a scripted scene making use of dramatic conventions; Use and recognise the impact of theatrical effects in drama


5. Understanding and interpreting texts: Explore how writers use language for comic and dramatic effects


6. Engaging with and responding to texts: Compare how a common theme is presented in prose and as a play


7. Creating and shaping texts: Reflect independently and critically on their own writing and improve it; Experiment with different narrative forms (writing their own play script)


8. Sentence structure and punctuation: Adapt sentence construction to different text types, purposes and readers; Punctuate sentences accurately, including using speech marks and apostrophes





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