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Week 10

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Social Studies



Religious Education 





Addition – mental and written


Add several 2-digit nos


Relate adding 2-digit nos to adding 3-digit multiples of 10


Add 4-digit nos using expanded written methods


Add 4- digit nos using standard written methods


Add nos using standard written methods, make decisions, check results


Rehearse adding several nos


Rehearse adding to a 4-digit multiple of 100 to make the next 1000



To make careful observations and use these to draw appropriate conclusions



Visit a hotel for High Tea



To read and discuss the Ramayana


To make comparisons between different versions of the story


To write the story from a character’s point of view







Poets with Passion

Poetic style



Weeks 9 and 10







1.        Group discussion: Understand different ways to take the lead and support others in groups



2.        Word structures and spelling: Group words according to their meanings



3.        Understanding and interpreting texts: Infer writers’ perspectives from what is written and what is implied; Make notes on and use evidence from across a text to explain ideas; Explore how writers use language for comic and dramatic effects



4.        Engaging with and responding to texts: Compare how a common theme is presented in poetry; Compare the usefulness of techniques such as visualisation and empathy in exploring the meaning of texts; Reflect on reading habits and preferences and plan personal reading goals



5.        Creating and shaping texts: Reflect independently and critically on their own writing and edit and improve it; Adapt non-narrative forms and styles to write poems



6.        Sentence construction and punctuation: Adapt sentence construction to different text-types, purposes and readers




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