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Term 1 Year 5

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Mr. Corben and Miss. Poustie

August 2009


This is a curriculum overview. Weekly updates about what the children will be doing will be posted on the class wiki   http://mrcorben5c2009.pbworks.com/ and http://misspoustie5p.pbworks.com/


This term we will be developing the children’s knowledge and understanding in the following areas:






Speaking and listening




Daring Adventures

Recounts and news reports


Speaking and listening: Work effectively as a group to present a news report

Reading: Understand the structure and purpose of recounts and compare them with other text-types

Writing: Write and edit a news report

Assessment focus: writing a report


Monsters and Myths

Traditional stories, myths and legends


Speaking and listening: Listen to a rap version of a myth and appreciate how rhythm and rhyme bring the story alive

Reading: Compare different ways myths can be presented

Writing: Write an original myth and rap, critically reflecting on what they have written and editing and

improving texts

Assessment focus: writing a Greek myth


 How to Have Fun!


Speaking and listening: Work in groups to plan a Fun Day and present games to an audience, give and receive oral instructions

Reading: Compare instructions and recipes and learn about their uses in everyday life

Writing: Prepare a plan for a Fun Day, creating a number of games and activities with clear instructions for organisers and players

Assessment focus: writing instructions for games


Poets with Passion

Poetic style


Speaking and listening: Work effectively as a decision-making group, displaying good listening skills

Reading: Compare the different styles of two poets

Writing: Write their own free-verse poems inspired by those they have read

Assessment focus: writing a free-verse poem


Acting Up

Plays and scripts


Speaking: Act out a variety of published play scenes and a play of their own

Listening: Gain insight into characters by listening to what they say and how they say it

Reading: Learn about the way plays are written, and how language is used for comic and dramatic effects

Writing: Write their own play, with sound effects

Assessment focus: writing a playscript






Shape, space and measures

Data handling


Place value, ordering and rounding

Mental calculations involving the four rules of number

Understanding multiplication and division

Doubling numbers up to 1000 and beyond

Fractions & Decimals                                     

Handling data     

Shape and space                                  

Properties of numbers

Money and real life problems          

Making decisions and using a calculator




Earth, Sun and Moon:

In this unit the children are introduced to facts about the Earth, Sun and Moon. They learn about the shape, relative size and movement patterns relating to night and day, sunrise, sunset, the variation of day length and the orbits of the Earth and Moon.




Life Cycles

In this topic the children will be looking at the different parts of plants, parts of plants that reproduce, germination and pollination. We will also look at animal life cycles including the frog and humans.




Keeping Healthy

In this unit the children are introduced to a balanced diet and what constitutes healthy living. We look closely at exercise, the heart and lungs as well as measuring pulse rate.



Experimental and investigative work focuses on:


Deciding what apparatus to use

Making and recording observations and measurements

Drawing conclusions

Fair Testing




Pupils will develop an understanding of the work of Kate Malone, paying particular attention to her portrayal of fruit and vegetables. They will study Malone’s style and produced their own ink and watercolour paintings of fruit and vegetables. Pupils will use these paintings to produce a Malone inspired clay jug.


Design Technology   - TEA


The children will learn about a common drink, how it is produced, sold and prepared in the home. They will investigate and record preferences of family members and produce their own teas. The children will observe the process of extraction and learn about health and safety issues involved in making tea.

The highlight of this topic will be a ‘High Tea’ where the children will design and make a drink to desired specifications. Parents will be invited into school for an afternoon of Tea and entertainment.






Year 5 start Term 1 with revision from Year 4 (introduction to new students): students learn through a diversity of oral and practical activities with the addition of reading and writing as they progress. Core expressions and vocabulary are (re)-introduced and expanded.

In all of the activities, tasks and expectations can be easily differentiated to allow individuals, especially the ones who have not been exposed to French before, to succeed at their own level.

Communication functions to be covered during Term 1 are: talking about myself, family and pets; exchanging information in classroom; expressing likes and dislikes; expressing where I live; describing myself (hair and eyes colour, personality)

The topics are: people and animals; classroom objects; colours; food and drinks; countries and nationalities; adjectives about personality; numbers to 59.


Social Studies


The children will complete a historical study of the Ancient Greeks. This will include:


Ancient Greek Mythology

Ancient Greek warfare and art

Geography and daily life of ancient Greeks

Considering the influence of Ancient Greece on modern society

An emphasis on historical enquiry using artifacts, books and videos of the Ancient Greek world.




In year 5 ICT, we will begin with a unit on Microsoft Power Point. We will review the basics of Power Point and learn new skills as well. Students will be responsible for creating and presenting a Power Point presentation on the Greeks. At the very end of the term we will begin a unit on spreadsheets, using Microsoft Excel.




Non-Korean speakers

Year 5 Non-Korean speakers will have a brief review of the Korean alphabet. The class will focus on practising basic short conversations through theme units. 

Korean speakers

Year 5 Korean Speakers will review what they have learned in previous year. They will practise reading and writing short paragraphs from various stories and build up writing skills without making errors. They will also develop accurate conversation through the lessons.




Year 5 will have both choral and composing opportunities this term. Composing activities will explore how music is written by step, leap and repeated notes. They will learn simple rhythms and compose music using classroom instruments and keyboards. In addition to this they will have opportunities to perform with the school’s choir and orchestra.


Physical Education


4 WEEKS – Football

5 WEEKS – Swimming                                             

4 WEEKS – Basketball

4 WEEKS – Field Hockey + FOBISSEA Trials


Religious Education


A study of Hinduism.

Children will look at the basic principles underlying Hinduism, how and where Hindu families worship and also look at the historical background of the Festival of Divali, as well as the traditions that accompany this festival.


August 19, 2009 


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