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Ashley's summer slideshow

Page history last edited by Ashley Chang 10 years, 7 months ago

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Comments (8)

Mr Corben said

at 10:38 am on Aug 27, 2009

Super slideshow - I especially like the chocolate mouse....mousse

Jacques Meldrum said

at 10:39 am on Aug 27, 2009

I love it the music rulez you went around the world in a huge circle? lucky!!!!!

Bora Yagiz said

at 2:25 pm on Aug 27, 2009

yum I could eat the computer now!

Amelie Steck said

at 2:06 pm on Aug 28, 2009

this is super

Amelie Steck said

at 2:09 pm on Aug 28, 2009

Hi president

Royce Chang said

at 9:09 pm on Sep 1, 2009

now I'm getting hungry !

Jasmine Smith said

at 7:33 pm on Sep 3, 2009

good choice of music its really good

Taiga Hanafusa said

at 7:42 pm on Sep 3, 2009

Like it

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